self spot light

Hi! blogging about myself here still here working on victory junction pieces for their campaign. I’ve a lot these past semesters the only then I feel nessessary now is to practice at it more often to feel more confident in the programs and hopefully becoming ACE adobe certified expert. really need to come up with ideas and creating a solid plan and then developing it out. next semester we will have our own campaigns to focus on, I’m working on sketches for DRAG in my head at the moment so yeah soon it will be posted here shortly.

Sign wrk

currently the sign shop is moving back to town and a sign must be created in order to grab the customers attention. the companys name is Stonetree signs & graphics, i did some sketch work drawing a tree with a hue of gray a green ring around it and the name off to the right side. on their website the tree will be placed in the center and certain leaves will be buttons to ig: contact, info, bio, services. in the next days of the week i will need to sit the the owners and revise the logo to make it a solid piece of art. the sign itself will be HDU board High Density Urethane, same as the firelight sign and the Abercrombie & Fitch board.